Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Becoming Succsesful Contemporary Art Collector



1. Understand that" a good investment" in contemporary art requires love for art, passion and vision

2. Buy nothing in a first year.

3. see as many works of art as you can in museum and exhibition

4. read books and meet with art dealers, gallery owners, curators, collectors, art adviser, and others.

5. Look at as much art as possible at museums and exhibition to get a "new perspective".

do this continuously until you discover the framework of contemporary art.

Do not buy anything before you have that understanding.

6. Decides which works by which artists you want to buy, than rethink your selections one more time.

Never build a collection on the basis of a list someone else has made for you.

7. buy art in the primary market. In other to accomplish this, find a gallery you can trust,

someone withgood eyes an good artist, who is sincerely concerned about what happens to the

artist and artworks in the future

8. select and artist who is fully committed to art, and capable of creating an individual aesthetic

besides creating high quality works of art

9. Select artwork that clearly shows the high level of skill of the artist and which reflects the

depth of thinking and views of the artist.

10. Set limits in terms of price and type of collection.

C ART 2008

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